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The art of eating well is only possible in a Gourmet Restaurant? Are some Michelin stars enough for an unforgettable experience? Can a humble meal overcome this experience? 

It is 3 complicated questions to answer, but when I think of them two images pop in my head. The first, The French Laundry a fabulous restaurant by Chef Thomas Keller ( and second, the scene of Ratatouille when the food critic returns to infancy after tasting the ratatouille.   (
A meal is an unforgettable collection of many factors among which the symbiosis of good company, good products, empathy with the service, imagination, an element of surprise and correct treatment and respect of the products. When I see the simplicity complemented with refinement and attention to detail applied to every creation of Keller I cannot help but make the parallel with the people who cook with love and put in the simplicity of any ordinary meal an excellent product and the flavors that are used to. 

A Chef, when asked about what gives him more pleasure to eat almost always responds something simple, traditional, most often done by someone who season the dish with lots of love. When I'm asked the same question I feel from my answer recipient’s disappointment and incomprehension when I respond that I love a grilled fish with salad or that my mother fills me with happiness when she cooks a chicken stew with spaghetti. 

When dinning in the best restaurant in the world or in our home we look for pleasure... Different kinds of pleasure associated with different experiences but always with the same purpose.


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Adorei o Post, Parabéns!!!
parabéns, muito bom o blog, adorei o post!
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Adorei o Post, Parabéns!!!
adorei o blog, muito bom,ótimo post !
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